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You can use the following links below to take your clients directly to a "buy page" for the various DISC profiles. You can copy and paste the link into your web browser to see how it works, or just click on the blue link for each product.

The links take you directly to a simple checkout page - with no details about the product. You can provide the details on your web page or wherever you provide the links to your client. Using the links is a good option when you want to add the link to your own text or image on your website and take a client directly to checkout page.

Please note that the "continue shopping" and "go back" buttons do not work in this situation. However, the system will keep track of the items placed in the shopping cart if they click on another link to add a different product. In addition, users can change the quantities in the shopping cart as desired.

The main purpose for the links is to provide a simple, quick checkout for one specific version of the profile.

Use of these links must be in compliance with the terms of service agreement. Links used inappropriately or placed with inappropriate content is not be allowed.

ENGLISH Versions

Adult Concise English Version (6 pages):

Adult Standard English Version (30 pages):

Adult Extended English Version (50 pages):

Adult LEADERSHIP English Version (65 pages):

Financial Concise Version (10 pages):

Financial Extended Version (40 pages):

Adult FITNESS English Version (19-37 pages):

Adult DIRECT SELLING English Version (50 pages):

Role Assessment & Report for Hiring (for a particular role or job or position) - (6 pages):

DISC Advantage e-booklet English Version) - (74 pages):

Teen concise English Version (12-pages):

Teen Extended English Version (57-pages):

Child Extended English Version (48-pages):

Child concise English Version (8-pages):

Spanish Versions

Adult Concise Spanish Version (6-pages):

Adult Standard Spanish Version (30-pages):

French Versions

Adult Concise French Version (6-pages):

Adult Standard French Version (30-pages):

Upgrading Profiles

You can upgrade profiles without users needing to retake the online assessment again. The process is basically to 1) purchase an upgrade and 2) email us the code to be upgraded. Complete instructions are listed on the upgrade page. Note that the upgrades are labeled as "adult" version upgrades, but you can also upgrade teen and child versions from concise to extended, because they are the same price points as the adult versions.

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